Canterbury Lawns Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

These are based on commonly asked questions about New Lawns, Hydroseeding and our Services:

Q: How often and how long do I water my new Lawn?

A: This all depends on the time of the year and the current weather patterns. But at a rule we recommend 2-3 times a day for 5-10minutes or enough to keep the mulch moist. Deeper waterings are essential for deep rooting which are recommended when it is really dry.

Q: What time of year should I do my lawn?

A: It can done any time of the year we work around any weather but the type of lawn you choose depends on how long you're willing to spend or wait.

Hydroseeding will take longer in winter to germinate and if your wanting a lawn fast we recommend going the instant option if your budget allows.

Q: Is Hydroseeding safe for my pet and children?

A: Absolutely it is 100% biodegradable, it also doesn’t stain and is safe to soil also.

Q: Will I get any weeds in my new lawn?

A: Yes unfortunately, weeds will be in any soil you use, and also brought in by the wind, or by birds. We can guarantee our seed is 100% certified and weed free. We recommend Yates Weed n' Feed as a weed killer and this can be purchased from any hardwarestore.

Q: When can I walk on my new lawn?

A: We recommend not walking on any new lawn for around 3-4 weeks especially when the ground is soft. It is ok to walk on to water, but best to stay off it if you are leaving footprints.

Q: What is the price difference between Hydroseeding and instant roll out lawns?

A: Hydroseeding is a much more cost effective than the instant lawn. Contact us for more pricing information.

Q: What sort or guarantee to you offer with your services?

A: You can view our Terms of Trade for a comprehensive view on our service guarantee.

If we complete your lawn from preparations to hydroseeding we guarantee you will get grass, we supply all clients with an after care sheet on how best to look after your new lawn and it is up to you on if you follow it. If it is not followed then that is not on us.

If any damage has occurred that we haven't caused then we are not liable to repair it, but happy to return to fix any damage but there may come at an added cost.

Q: Do you offer an aftercare service?

A: No we don't usually return after we have sprayed your lawn, but supply an after care guide for you to follow.

We can return (at an added cost) to fertilise or Weed n' Feed your lawn if you require.

Q: Do you also install irrigation?

Yes we can. Talk to us about this when we come and do a free quote. We can also install temporary irrigation for you if you were unable to water it after it has been sprayed. Talk to us about this when we complete your free quote.

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