Preparation. Like any lawn sewing method, preparation is essential and needs to be carried out prior to hydroseeeding. This is vital to gaining a successful, healthy lawn. Canterbury Lawn can assist with preparation if required, please enquire here.

  • We can carry out full lawn preparation from site scrape through to leveling soil ready for hydroseeding.
  • 100mm of good quality soil is required. Anything less than this will give you a sub standard root structure.
  • Removal of weed, rocks and debris.
  • Soil should be graded, raked and left to settle, ensuring your soil is not packed too firm, discouraging growth.
  • The soil needs to be at an appropriate moisture level. Your soil should not be powder dry; however it needs to be dry enough, allowing people to walk on it.
  • Enclose the area to be hydroseeded to ensure there are no disturbances to the soil.
Preparation for Hydroseeding
Preparation for Hydromulching